Information on cookies

A cookie is a text file that has a unique stamp and, when connected to a website is stored, and on later visits downloaded from your computer or computer-like devices, for example your mobile phone. C Vision uses cookies to enhance the experience and user friendliness of the site, for faster page loading, as well as for collecting statistics.

When you visit the site, C Vision temporarily collects and stores general technical information, such as IP address from the computer or other device that you use, the website from which you visit the site or the time and length of your visit. In addition, information may be collected on, for example, your operating system, browser, and such technical data. C Vision anonymizes and evaluates the information statistically and uses it only to increase the attractiveness of the site, its content and functionality. C Vision also processes your tasks, such as personal information, for example, when you enter an interest report.

There are two types of cookies: temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are stored nowhere but disappear when you close the browser. For example, they contain temporary information between page downloads. Permanent cookies are saved as a file on your computer for a shorter or longer period. They are used to save settings and information from one visit to the next. Some permanent cookies can be used to track a user’s visit to multiple websites.

C Vision only uses temporary cookies.

The following cookies are used on

Session Cookie = Used on our site to identify you at the specific visit. These cookies will not be saved after the completed visit to the site.

All data is only available through an encrypted channel. C Vision does not sell this information to any other party.

You agree that C Vision uses cookies as specified above and by allowing your browser to allow cookies. If you do not agree that C Vision uses cookies, you can change it yourself in the browser settings and delete cookies stored on the hard drive. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but also give a choice to deny cookies or display a warning before they are stored. For details about this, please see information from your browser provider.

If you have any questions about our handling of cookies and personal information, you are always welcome to contact us.